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Furthermore, there is an introduction of the characters with the names of the actors and their names in the story and their relation to other characters, which is not found in the novel. To shorten the playtime of the film, some passages from the novel are expressed by text in the film, especially the battles between North and South. Texts with music in the background are settled in between the plot and the viewer can read it for himself so that the film does not have to show it.

There are also certain events cut out in the film which the director did not feel are necessary to understand the whole storyline. If one knows both novel and film, it becomes clear that the director set a different focus on the plot than the novelist. Moreover, events are changed in the film to fit better into the story. For example, Gerald dies under different circumstances in the film, for the director did not feel the circumstances in the novel fitting into his storyline.

Analysis: GONE WITH THE WIND (1939)

Some have criticized the film for romanticizing, sanitizing or even promoting the values of the Ante-Bellum South, in particular its reliance on slavery. The book is far more open in the matter of freedom of speech than the film, and it leaves no doubt that this was necessary in order to show what people really felt without putting "makeup" that would take out the accurate nature of the book. One shall not forget that the novel is over a thousand pages long and a director never can translate all of a novel exactly. Furthermore, a director always has a chance to put emphasis on something different than the novelist to give a film his personal note.

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The story begins shortly before the war begins when she is 16 years old and ends when she is Selznick's vision : 'Gone with the wind' and Hollywood filmmaking. J S Jennifer Koss Author. Add to cart. The Old South.

Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook. American Studies - Literature Individual vs. Inszenierung und Theaterwissenschaft, Tanz I've just gone gay - all of a sud Film Science Aiming for Freedom. Analyses of Films Driven by honor and the traditions of the South, Ashley is unable to adjust to the new era. He is representative of strong values and traditions. Melanie Hamilton: Melanie is the kind and weak wife of Ashley. She is a constant source of jealousy for Scarlett. However, after the two ladies suffer tremendous loss and pain during the Civil War, they bond and become inseparable.

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Similar to her husband, Melanie is the embodiment of values and tradition. However, different from him, she faces the world with tremendous and unwavering inner strength. He is a passionate and loyal Confederate who came to America from Ireland, as a young boy.

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He is also the reason that Scarlett has such a deep love for the South and the plantation. She is refined and compassionate. Mammy: Mammy is a slave. Mammy is loyal and genuinely cares for Scarlett.

Analysis of the Character of Scarlett in Gone with the Wind

She is not afraid to keep her in line, when needed. Frank Kennedy: The weak-willed, but genuine, Frank is the second husband of Scarlett. He was also the beloved suitor of her sister. Frank owned a general store and Scarlett had betrayed her sister in order to woo Frank so that she would be able to pay off the tax debt and save Tara. She uses his wealth to begin to build her empire.

Gone With the Wind

Charles Hamilton: Charles is the brother of Melanie, and the first husband of Scarlett. He is described as boorish and timid, and Scarlett never truly loves him. When he is falling ill and dying at the start of the war, Scarlett is left a widow. Scarlett soon finds that keeping with the role of a widow — wearing all black, and refraining from expressing joy — is not the life she can live. She is described as a flighty old bitty who faints often. Scarlet and Melanie live in the home of Pittypat during most of their time in Atlanta. Bonnie Blue: Bonnie is the third and final child born to Scarlett.

She is the daughter of Rhett, who spoils her with every chance he gets. Rhett is completely devoted to Bonnie, and destroyed by her untimely death. She marries Will Benteen after Scarlett betrays her loyalty and marries Frank. India Wilkes: India is the callous and evil sister of Ashley. In a bid to seek revenge on Scarlett, who stole her boyfriend when they were children, India starts a viscous rumor that Ashley and Scarlett are having an affair. Will Benteen: Will is a one-legged soldier of the Confederate who, after the war ends, becomes a permanent resident of Tara and eventually manages the plantation, allowing Scarlett to move back to Atlanta.

His father is Charles Hamilton. Gone with the Wind , while considered to be a romance novel, also speaks volumes of the changes that swept the South during the s. It begins in , just prior to the commencement of the Civil War, and ends in — after the Democrats take back control of Georgia. The characteristics of the South change drastically during that time, Gone with the Wind provides a clear look into the plight of Southern inhabitants and the struggles they encountered throughout the Civil War.

The book starts in pre-war Georgia, a state where tradition and pride are prevalent. Soon the scene shifts to Atlanta, where the people are beginning to realize changes in gender roles and power structures. After losing the war, people that were previously enslaved are freed — forever changing the Southern way of life. Racial conflicts begin to escalate, whites fear blacks, the South despises the North, and the poor aristocrats are resentful to the rich.

She is a feminist who relies on no one but herself and manages to survive the war. By her own determination, she rebuilds her beloved Tara and secures her place in in the political regime. Scarlett transforms herself into a shrewd businesswoman and stubborn wife.

An Excruciatingly Deep Dive into Gone With the Wind

She will do anything to succeed. It is the comfort of the land that gives her the will to continue onward. He is sentimental of tradition Old , but an opportunist and loose in his morals New. He also supports the Yankees and sees the benefit of an allegiance with the North. Since he does not fit into one camp entirely, he is free to make judgment on all three, even those he supports.

Atlanta: Atlanta was burned, nearly to the ground, by the Yankees. Atlanta is distant from Old South, it was engineered to be a hub for the railroad, and became vital to the South during the war. It is divided by wealth and poverty. She believes that she could manage the mill much better than Frank ever did.

Essay on Gone With The Wind

One of the most used quotes from the novel, this phrase is uttered by Rhett in the final chapter, after Scarlett asks what she is supposed to do when he leaves her. This passage perfectly defines the love-hate relationship that they have had throughout the entire novel, and highlights the charming, but spiteful, character that Rhett had grown to become known as.

He recognizes the separation between the Old and New South. He aligns himself much more closely with the traditional values of Old South and feels seemingly out of place in the new era.

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Narration: The book has an anonymous narrator, and reads in third person. The narrator is omniscient and knows the thoughts, feelings and history of all of the characters. The narrator reflects on upper-class Southern beliefs and the Civil War and slavery. Primary Conflict: Scarlett continually seeks out love, she attempts to win over Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler, all while trying to adjust to changing life in the South.

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