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Are you interested in getting a customized paper? Check it out! Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Her false visions are explicitly represented through realistic precision providing a ground for symbolism that forms the core essence of the novel Black At the same time, the ideal she creates does not fill in her life with sense because she is a constant and desperate search of the unknown, of something that does not actually exist. In conclusion, it can be stated that, although the author has introduced notes of romanticism in the novel, the core of work is still focused on the rise of realistic tendencies that suppress any displays of passion, emotion, and beauty.

More importantly, the established ambivalence makes the novel even more realistic and compelling as it contribute to better understanding why the era of romanticism was suppressed. Black, L. College Literature.

Doering, Bernard. Flaubert, Gustave. Madame Bovary. Sara Lawall. US: W W Norton. Monsieur Lheureux ironically consoles Emma with various examples of lost dogs who travel back to their masters after many years.

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Thus, Emma identifies herself with her greyhound because it represents the end toward which she strides so passionately but will never realize. Both cases are examples of associations between Emma and canines in regard to their shared automatic responses— for Emma, this is her immediate surrender to the passions.

Because these associations eventually come to represent the effects of her actions, it is evident that Emma indulges in her sentimental appetites yet fails to foresee their tragic consequences.

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Emma seeks to flee association with dogs just as she seeks to flee the Blind Man, yet both images reappear to haunt her on the deathbed. Thus, her actions are directly linked to those previous actions of the beggar that so profoundly disturbed Emma. While Emma seeks to flee dogs and the Blind Man throughout the novel, they reappear in her final scene in the characterization of her dying actions. This final addendum is fatalistic in the extreme. Similarly, the agriculturally oriented petty bourgeois life is precisely the one she wishes to flee, guiding her down such a perilous path.

Both characters end the novel in inexorable defeat: Emma through death and the beggar through his loss of the fight with Homais.

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Emma, like the beggar, does not fit comfortably in bourgeois society. This is the case for the Blind Man due to his horrid appearance and actions, whereas this is the case for Emma due to her peasant background and aristocratic aspirations. Thus, both characters, like dogs, exist in ambiguous positions: canines serve as domesticated and peaceable companions, yet they all descend from wild and vicious wolves.

Yet Emma fails to understand that this monster exists within her. London: Penguin, Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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