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They are crushed by the world around them, never fully able to reach their full potential because of the societal pressures they experience. In order to interpret this idea, I would make the set for my production of Woyzeck larger than life.

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Spiritual Murder in Georg Buchner's Woyzeck Throughout dramatic history, tragedies have depicted a hero's humanity being stripped from him. Usually, as in Shakespeare's classic paradigms, we see the hero, whether King Lear or Othello, reduced from his original noble stature to nothingness and death.

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Yet Georg Buchner's fragmentary play Woyzeck shows us a protagonist already stripped of humanity, transformed into and treated as an animal. Indeed, Woyzeck, far from being a simple.

The Vicious Cycle of Poverty in George Buchner's Play Woyzeck

While designing a show certain key aspects must be thought about in order for the show to flow in a way that will keep audience members engaged. The show must be true to the script, be pleasing to the eye, offer dynamic characters, and be accessible to the public. The extravagance of the set would help to advance this metaphor, as it would juxtapose the mundane, meek nature of Woyzeck and his family.

Georg Buchner died before he was able to finished the play which means that because it is incomplete there is no way for certain to know which order the play is supposed to go in.

The composer Alban Berg attended the first Vienna performances in , and at once decided to make it into an opera, which became Wozzeck. It was only discovered that the correct name of the hero was Woyzeck after Berg had composed most of the opera from an edition which printed it as Wozzeck. The titular Woyzeck is a fusilier in the army of his city-state unnamed in the opera.


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These are only a veneer, easily broken down by passion into a reversion to nature. Woyzeck goes mad. Woyzeck can see into the abyss. He viewed life as consisting of a sequence of separate pictures, apparently disconnected fragments.

Spiritual Murder in Buchner's Woyzeck Essay

This technique, which was revolutionary in the theatre — and indeed rendered Woyzeck unstageable before the 20th century — is reminiscent of German expressionist films created immediately after the first world war, particularly The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. The text deploys language of vivid intensity, as Woyzeck struggles to express the visions which drive him to murder and madness.

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  • These visions are almost beyond expression in words — but not in music. In the opera, the audience is forced to experience the visions from inside, from the point of view of Wozzeck. Creating that music required a creative leap by the composer, one which is still astonishing even today.

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    The Viennese composer Alban Berg saw Wozzeck at exactly the right moment in his own compositional development. Instead, he favoured atonality, a style in which all sounds, even piercing dissonances, are permitted.

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    In his Three Pieces for Orchestra Berg was the first composer working in this style to incorporate structural devices that enabled him to compose atonal pieces on a larger scale. The final March of the Three Pieces, which Berg wrote prophetically just before and after the assassination of the Archduke at Sarajevo, begins quietly enough, but rapidly becomes grotesque, terrifying and brutal.

    This apocalyptic intensity and musical structure paved the way for Wozzeck. Within this overall design, each scene also has its own musical form. Once again, the pressure towards incoherence is counterbalanced by a minute attendance to volume and phrasing, together with precise notation of every grade of sound, from ordinary speech via pitched but half declaimed words, to full song and on to florid ornamentation.