Light pollution research papers

Light Pollution

J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf : 35 — Garstang RH Model for artificial night-sky illumination. Publ Astron Soc Pac 98 : — Kuechly HU , et al. Remote Sens Environ : 39 — Falchi F , et al. Sci Adv 2 : e Kocifaj M Retrieval of angular emission function from whole-city light sources using night-sky brightness measurements. Optica 4 : — Davies TW , Smyth T Why artificial light at night should be a focus for global change research in the 21st century. Glob Change Biol 24 : — Kyba CCM , et al. Sci Adv 3 : e J Appl Ecol 49 : — Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc 88 : — J Quant Spectrosc Radiat Transf : 21 — Even though timing is an important determiner of these patterns, light also plays a huge role by influencing when people produce melatonin, which is a critical hormone for sleeping.

As nighttime lighting disrupts people's circadian rhythms, they may suffer a greater incidence of diseases and physiological issues. For instance, some scientists suggest that photopollution can contribute to ailments like. If the light pollution problem has any positive aspect, it's that it may be one of the easiest environmental challenges for humanity to overcome.

Unlike the air, ocean and groundwater pollution that the planet suffers from, light pollution is non-persistent. Merely re-engineering the way people use lighting on a daily basis could be a critical step in the quest for a healthier planet. For instance, many light fixtures that allow light trespass can be replaced with options that are better-shielded. This is a relatively easy solution that doesn't require massive modifications or a contractor's assistance.

Those who own lighting that typically shines all night long might benefit from outfitting such fixtures with timers or motion sensors. In addition to cutting down on light pollution, these devices help property owners save money and reduce their carbon emissions. In some cases, a simple change of bulbs might be sufficient. Lighting that produces a different range of light spectra can still satisfy the same visibility-oriented functions, but it may be less harmful to humans and their wild acquaintances.

Although light pollution is a major problem, the situation may not be as bleak as some of the other challenges of modern life. As science examines the issue with increased scrutiny and the general public gains heightened awareness of how it works, more consumers, businesses and lighting producers are taking steps to use lighting more responsibly.

Light Pollution

Lamps Expo is dedicated to promoting technologies and measures that help the planet solve the predicaments of light pollution. In addition to providing a range of energy-efficient fixtures and lighting elements that minimize unintentional illumination, the company is committed to educating consumers about the nature of these problems and how to implement potential solutions.

Mar 27, By admin. What Is Light Pollution? The night skies of most cities aren't as dark as they should be.

Artificial lighting at night could be a reason for declining insect populations

For instance, sidewalks and certain pavements are designed to mitigate urban heat island effects by being reflective. The Gravity of the Dilemma Although brilliant city lights may have once been a local problem, photopollution has long since become a worldwide issue. Measuring Light Pollution The prevalence of light pollution has many negative impacts on people's well-being and that of the environment.

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A Burden on the Environment People may create unwanted light, but as with many human inventions, its effects are problematic for other species. Trees Dying Sooner Peter Wohlleben, a well-known German forester, said that city streetlights might be contributing to the early deaths of nearby trees.

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Animal Behavioral Issues Researchers have also shown that light pollution harms many different animal species. Coastal Food Chain Disruption In , the Plymouth Marine Library and the University of Exeter conducted controlled laboratory experiments to determine the effect that light pollution had on dog whelks.

Ecological light pollution

Economic and Indirect Environmental Losses Although the impacts that light pollution has on the natural environment are far-ranging and difficult to quantify, it's possible to get an idea of exactly what it's doing to the global economy. J Korean Med Sci. Published online Sep 3. Choul Yong Park.

Find articles by Choul Yong Park. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Received Aug 31; Accepted Sep 3. Footnotes Disclosure: The author has no potential conflicts of interest to disclose. References 1.

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Dim light at night does not disrupt timing or quality of sleep in mice.