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In past Chinese society, the family provided support for every family member, including livelihood and long-term security. Extended family remains exceedingly important, with grandparents commonly acting as caretakers for…. Multicuturalism means of several cultures. It means a country or a city or even a community which possess a wide variety of people coming from different cultures,and ethnic backgrounds. What may be acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in other.

As the head member of the family, they have the responsibility to take care of their family even if it is a small matter or a major ones.

Therefore, they have the authority to family make decision. To be more elaborate, children would need to ask permission in any activities they would like to participate which is partly an important issue where as a father, he would be deciding based on their child's safety. Also, parents take control of their children's daily activities…. Multiculturalism means that people with many races, religious….

All rights reserved. Pupil Grouping Children are put into groups in order to give them the best learning potential and for their learning to be appropriate for their age and level of understanding. Groups with children of varying ability in some subjects can encourage them to help and motivate each other, increasing their self-confidence. Some children would feel a great…. Globally, there are several different traditions and cultural identities that exist.

Much more than documents.

Culture has many positive attributes as it can provide individuals with customs and morals that regulate their behaviour, however, it can also be used as a means to discriminate against others, which can result in cultural conflict. The rise of non-English speaking communities is seen as a detrimental factor….

Login Join. Open Document. No one student should feel excluded from the class especially if the reason they are excluded is based on their culture, race, ethnicity, or color. Some families participate in several cultures. Multiculturalism refers to the sharing of many cultures. The first goal of a multicultural program would be to assist children with recognizing differences, as well as similarities, among all people. Children that are allowed to explore different cultures are able to see that people have different customs and traditions.

They will notice that often, they share some common traits also. Children learn that people can be different and unique, yet still have much in common. The second goal is to encourage cooperative social skills.

As children learn to accept differences and similarities among people, they can work and get along with others better. They begin to see others view points and individualities. The multicultural classroom assists children from minority cultures in developing cooperating and social skills in a setting that may be unfamiliar to them. Providing children with multiculturalism will help boost self-esteem and teach them about acceptance and diversity. It will also help children understand; and how to work well with others as they grow and mature.

In Canada. An advantage of being an intrepreneur is that the risks are less than that of an entrepreneur. Multiculturalism - The ability to work effectively and conduct business with people from different cultures. Work and conduct business with people from different cultures. Multiculturalism can be a great aspect in a business.

Synergy - A concept of the systems approach to management that states that the whole organization working together. This policy confirmed the value and dignity of all Canadians, regardless of their ethnic or racial, religious affiliations or their language.

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Multiculturalism also provides rights. There has also been similar debate over what Australians symbols and values really are and if they go beyond the native animals that are presented on the. Definitions Multiculturalism: multiculturalism is all different people of different cultures that live in the same society. Effective communication: effective communication is being: clear, concise, purposeful, correct, courteous, directive and culturally sensitive.

There are three channels that are appropriate for effective communication.


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The sender must communicate clearly and effectively. The receiver must be open to receive the message. The message is the link between the sender. But how has this affected our nation, and the answer is extremely good and extremely bad.

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Some of the negatives include the further gap between developed and undeveloped countries and racism. Globalization has introduced new cultures and lifestyles to other countries, bringing new foods, art, trades and languages. Just one word alone is enough to make many teenagers shudder, and it is a word very much overused in our society today, often for the wrong reasons.

So how did such an important issue end up being so overlooked? Is it that nobody knows how to make multiculturalism really work, or is it that not enough people care? I believe the. No one student should feel excluded from the class especially if the reason they are excluded is based on their culture, race, ethnicity, or color.

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But is this really the case? Is something lacking somewhere along the line of the education system? This apparently is a very unsettling topic to those who know it well and is a big deal. However, in this day and age it is almost too insane to say. In reality, it seems. Multiculturalism means that people with many races, religious. Introduction This research is an extension of my personal researches and critical practice in the field of postmodernism, particularly within the area of postmodernist poetry. There has been a critical interest in political and cultural issues of race, difference and identity in the African-American poetry since the late eighties of the twentieth century.

However, little attention has been given to James Baldwin's poetry and its aesthetical side. My PhD project underpins the issues of race, difference. Multiculturalism is the study on the behavior of where people from different cultural backgrounds come across each other. Multiculturalism has an association with Social psychology, but these two can be split into two separate fields. Social psychology is mainly about people influencing other people. Social psychology.

Take a position. Although the Black Canadians gained more respect, they never gained equality with the White Canadians. Multiculturalism was the critical government policy introduced by former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the s. He strongly believed that many different cultures would live together peacefully while maintaining their cultural identities. Multiculturalism represented a new direction for all Canadians.

It also demonstrated that mainstream white Anglophones needed to formally. A gentleman named John Gumperz is hired to go and find out why.

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His discovery is that it comes down a how the word gravy is being said. One way a group says is offense to the other group. This is a great example of how a melting pot or multiculturalism does not work in the work place. For example we had a work outing a few months ago and someone asked for something out.

Chinese life-style and adapted a kind of new western life style instead. However, when I started to know the culture and society of Canada, I found that the reality is different from what I was expected. Canada is the first country that adopted multiculturalism as an official policy from until now. In my opinion, this is the main reason that I can still live as a Chinese in this country. However, the opportunities associate with the challenges for environment, such as climate change.