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Have your child aim to earn a better grade than he or she did in a subject last year, or do better on his or her next test. Making smaller, smarter goals that your child can work toward will help him or her set more realistic and achievable expectations. The Problem: Many students are overwhelmed by the hours of homework they bring home with them each night. The Solution: Help your child keep track of assignments and homework with an agenda where he or she can write everything down.

This will help your child better manage his or her time by looking ahead and getting started on assignments early, avoiding last-minute stress. The Problem: Taking part in extracurriculars during high school is emphasized as a way to make college applications stand out. But taking on these activities means students have less time for homework and studying.

The Solution: Help your child avoid overscheduling him or herself by finding one or two extracurriculars that he or she really enjoys. Encourage your child to create a schedule so he or she can plan time for extracurriculars, schoolwork, and relaxation time.

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Sometimes class subjects or teachers are boring. Chalk this up to a life lesson in learning to maintain focus and attention even when interests are elsewhere. If you can, find ways to connect the subject to hobbies or interests. Not every subject will be interesting every single time—learning to identify this and persevere despite boredom will serve students well.

A Frustrating Experience Essay

The Problem: As students progress through high school, grades become more important—especially for older students hoping to go on to college. This can lead to extra stress, which makes school a much less enjoyable experience. The Solution: Sit down with your child and look at what he or she has accomplished in high school so far.

Reflect on a good grade he or she got on a test or in a particular subject.

Frustration essays

This will remind your child of what he or she is able to achieve, helping reduce stress and boosting motivation. The Problem: Stress about popularity and friendships can sometimes seem like the most important part of school, leading to anxiety and ultimately distracting students from learning. The most frustration thing about my school is the cost. The University of Arizona is a very dynamic school with many goals in mind. They do their best to keep students involved and working at their interests. Still, the school is very large, and can be overwhelming for some students.

Rather than specialize, the University of Arizona excels in many areas. I believe with the multitude of choices that the school has to offer, that the most frustrating thing at the university would be a figuring out what they want to do in life. The school offers many opportunities to find out, yet the task can still be difficult.

In terms of my perspective, the most frustrating thing about my school would be adjusting to the presence of classmates from different financial backgrounds.

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Growing up, I was not surrounded by wealth and the chance to splurge on material items. Being in presence of this lifestyle is nothing I am used to because a majority of the students I see are Anglo and a part of the upper-class society. I am still working on accepting the different lifestyles people have growing up, but I strongly wish that money didn't drive the personality and needs of young adults. Psychology is a very popular major, and as a senior I was not able to register for the courses I needed to graduate. I always had difficulty registering for psychology courses through my college career at this school, so eventually I switched majors because I was wasting my time.

Also at the same time they gain more students, they are reducing the amount of parking available throughout campus.

The Most Frustrating Things About High School (According To Students)

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What's the most frustrating thing about your school? Ashley Class: Senior. Ashton Class: Sophomore. Kevin Class: Freshman. Alexandra Class: Junior. Charles Class: Freshman. Maci Class: Junior. Edgar Class: Junior. Justin Class: Senior. Maileen Class: Sophomore. Alayne Class: Senior.