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It describes the variety in the number and richness of the spices with in a region. The species richness may be defined as the number of species per unit area. The richness of a species tells about the extent of biodiversity of a site and provides a means for comparing different sites. The species richness depends largely on climatic conditions. The number of individuals of different species with in a region represents species evenness or species equitability. The product species richness and species evenness give species diversity of a region.

When a species is confined entirely to a particular area, it is termed as endemic species. It describes the assemblage and Interaction of spices living together and the physical environment a given area. It relates varieties of habitats, biotic communities ecological processes in biosphere. It also tells about the diversity within the ecosystem. It is referred as Land escape diversity because it includes placement and size of various ecosystems.

For example, the landscapes like grass lands, deserts, mountains etc. The ecosystem diversity is due to diversity of niches, trophic levels and ecological processes like nutrient cycling, food webs, energy flow, role of dominant species and various related biotic interactions. Such type of diversity can generate more productive and stable ecosystems or communities capable of tolerating various types of stresses e.

It describes a range of communities due to replacement of species which arises due to the presence of different microhabitats, niches and environmental conditions. As per available data, the varieties of species living on the earth are Wild life Institute of India has divided it into ten biogeographical regions and twenty five biotic provinces. India is one of the twelve mega diversity nations of the world due to the following reasons:.

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Biodiversity produces a number of products harvested from nature and sold in commercial markets. Indirectly it provides economic benefits to people which include water quality soil protection, equalisation of climate, environmental monitoring, scientific research, recreation etc. The consumptive value can be assigned to goods such as fuel woods, leaves, forest products etc. The loss of biodiversity directly influences the social life of the country possibly through influencing ecosystem functions energy flow and biogeochemical cycle.

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This be easily understood by observing detrimental effects of global warming and acid rain which cause an unfavorable alteration in logical processes. Aesthetic values such as refreshing fragrance of the flowers, taste of berries, softness of mossed, melodious songs of birds, etc. Similarly botanical and zoological gardens are the means of biodiversity conservation and are of aesthetic values.

Since earth is homeland of all living organisms, all have equal right to coexist on the surface of earth with all benefits. Unless some legal value is attached to biodiversity, it will not be possible to protect the rapid extinction of species.

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Biodiversity must be seen in the light of holding ethical value. Since man is the most intelligent amongst the living organisms, it should be prime responsibility and moral obligation of man to preserve and conserve other organisms which will directly or indirectly favour the existence of the man. Biodiversity holds great ecological value because it is indispensable to maintain the ecological balance. Any disturbance in the delicately fabricated ecological balance maintained by different organisms, will lead to severe problems, which may threaten the survival of human beings.

Biodiversity has great economic value because economic development depends upon efficient and economic management of biotic resources. In the day to day life, human beings are maintaining their lifestyle at the sacrifice of surrounding species which come from diversity of plants and animals struggling for their existence. So, it is highly essential for the human beings to take care of their surrounding species and make optimum use of their service, for better economic development.

Thus, it is rightly told, survival of the man depends upon the survival of the biosphere. All these services together are valued Biodiversity is considered as a reservoir of resources to be used for the manufacture of food, medicine, industrial products, etc. But with an increased demand of rapid population growth, biodiversity is gradually depleting.

The different factors responsible for causing threat to biodiversity are as follows:.


The primary cause of loss of biodiversity is habitat loss or destruction which is resulted due to the large industrial and commercial activities associated with agriculture, irrigation, construction of dams, mining, fishing etc. With increased population, the habitats are fragmented into pieces by roads, fields, canals, power lines, towns etc.

The isolated fragment of habitats restricts the potential of species for dispersal and colonization. In addition, the habitat fragmentation also brings about microclimatic changes in light, temperature, wind etc. The most dreaded factor inducing loss of biodiversity is environmental pollution which include air pollution, Water pollution, industrial pollution, pollution due to chemical Pastes, pesticides radioactive materials etc.

The natural resources are over exploited to meet growing rural poverty, intensive technological growth and globalization of economy. All these factors together may be responsible for the extinction of a number of species.

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It is seen that some exotic species may kill or eat the native species thereby causing its extinction. Since the animals are more vulnerable to infection, the anthropological activities may increase the incidence of diseases in wild species, leading to their extinction. E-learning To inform younger students about Energy and Environment, Science, Chemistry, English culture and English language, with accompanying images, interviews and videos.

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Schoolnet A storyboard full of texts and drawings to narrate one's country in an original manner: letting loose the imagination of children around the world in the edition. Biological diversity What is biodiversity? Why do we need biodiversity? The economic importance of biodiversity for humans can be summarized as follows: Biodiversity offers food: harvests, silviculture, livestock and fish Biodiversity is fundamentally important in medicine.

A very large number of species of plants is used for medicinal purposes since very ancient times. An example is quinine, extracted from the cinchona tree Cinchona calisaya and C. It seems that out of , species of known plants, only 5, have been studied for their possible medical applications. Biodiversity has a remarkable role also in the textile fibres manufacturing industry, wood for building and for the production of energy. Many industrial products are obtained thanks to biodiversity: lubricants, perfumes, paper, waxes and rubber, are all obtained from plants; and there are also products of animal origin such as wool, silk, leather, hides, etc.

Biodiversity is a source of richness also in the sector of tourism and recreational activities: wild natural environments and the presence of animals in fact attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

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Special reports. As usual The coral reef is one of the ecosystems with the richest biodiversity From the Multimedia section. Mediterranean diet Since the people who live in the Mediterranean basin live Various uses of the carob tree Since the antiquity, this evergreen tree has been grown The myth of olive trees The ancients used to say: the Mediterranean begins and ends with Another camouflage … In the gardens it is quite common to find the larvae The African elephant The African elephant is the largest land animal